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Le Fashionaire is an inspirational outlet where i share my evoling daily style, my beauty secrets and all that keeps inspiring me from places to people. The focus is kept on sharing timeless and worthy content, staying true to myself.
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The Zara Flip-Flops you need now

Le Fashionaire The Zara Flip Flops you need now fashion inspiration flip flops black white pearls strips zara porter magazine 5491F EN 805x450

Pearls. When i saw these pearls flip-flops at Zara a few weeks ago, i knew they would become a must have. And truth is i’ve been seeing them all over the blogosphere and instagram. It’s easy to understand why: they’re comfortable and amazingly elegant at...

Embroidery and ruffles

Le Fashionaire Embroidery and ruffles denim fishes embroidered zara jeans white ruffle shirt mango gold marble necklace cinco leather nude clutch sfera gold converse all stars 0647F EN 805x450

On trend. From all the spring trends that are rocking, embroidery and ruffles are two of my favorite. I like the coolness they give to clothes and the feminine touch as well. Plus, they are everywhere what makes us want to wear them so badly. ...

Scarf me

Le Fashionaire Scarf me black suede front zipper zara white embroidered blouse zara scarf me printed green tropical fruits 6575 EN 805x450

On trend. Scarves are one of the most timeless accessories ever. Trust me, if you ask your grandma if she has scarves she will say yes. Probably, silk ones. That is the main reason why i love them so much. They’re always on trend, generation after...

On trend: Statement Earrings

Le Fashionaire On trend: Statement Earrings earrings pale pink long fringes pvc hm gold hoop long hm old book lion pearl bold gold vintage mango 5335F EN 805x450

Bold. The statement earrings, with their bold and flashy character, are not new to the fashion world, but this spring they’ve stolen the scene of trends. We have seen them on the catwalks, but now we are seeing them on the streets, making the it...

50 shades of pink

Le Fashionaire 50 shades of pink blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration wool pink coat outerwear front buttons zara 7290F EN 805x450

Pink. There are few colors as feminine as pink. Pink is sweet and childish, making us see the good side of things. It’s a color that understands us and motivates us to be happy. You may never have thought about it, but when you wear...

New In: Puma Suede Heart

Le Fashionaire New In: Puma Suede Heart blogger catarine martins puma suede heart lavender velvet sneakers blue porter magazine spring pink rose 5135F EN 805x450

Sneakers. Life has definitely been easy since the fashion’s world allowed us to wear sneakers in style. For the last past seasons we were able to be stylish in flats. First came the Adidas Super Star, then the New Balance, the All Stars and the...

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