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Le Fashionaire Have you ever been to Bali? straw summer hat silk nude ribbons ruffles uterque shirt denim sparkling bershka shorts brown gold elephant leather parfois bag 4201F EN

Have you ever been to Bali?

Bali. Well, i don’t. To be totally honest i’ve never been to Asia. Even if in my mind i have already travel a lot on those paradisiac landscapes and tropical views. But, on sunday something cool happened to me: some friends of mine took me...

Le Fashionaire Party mood new year blogger catarine martins sparkling black hm jacket black silver sparkling bershka dress mango lion black gold mango 2763F EN

Party mood

New Year. It’s just four days until 2017 and I’m already on a party mood. I haven’t decided what I’ll wear in the new year’s eve but I’ve tried this outfit out, and I really loved how it looked. So that, I want to share...

Le Fashionaire Merry Christmas! white cat red christmas claires bow white crochet shirt lanidor neck black zara cardigan 0910F EN

Merry Christmas!

You left me your cat, Kiko, mum. I’ve been feeling this emptiness since you’ve passed away, mum. In some way, it feels like someone has ripped me out an organ. You know, you’re the first thing I think about when I wake up. You’re always...

Le Fashionaire The devils in the details fashion inspiration white knit sweater wool namib denim jeans sparkle pearls namib pale pink bamboo parfois bag 8075F EN

The devil’s in the details

I love details. Not just in fashion but in life as well. And in people. I love when somebody is so rich in details, that you want to discover them all, slowly. You see, i truly believe that you only know a person for good when...