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Spring trend: Ultraviolet

Le Fashionaire Spring trend: Ultraviolet pale pink snake mohair uterque jumper ruffles gold bold pearl green stone mango earrings faux fur pale pink stradivarius clutch 7744F EN 805x450

Purple. Pantone has elected ultraviolet as the color of the year. And even if it’s not everyone's cup of tea I need to say that it’s totally mine. Some people think about purple as a majestic color and some people look at it like if...

Black and White

Le Fashionaire Black and White blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration white shirt bow neck cotton globe black stradivarius jumpsuit shoes purple black portuguese monks 9332F EN 805x450

The jumpsuit. Back in July, I was gifted this jumpsuit for my birthday. At the time I absolutely loved it, as it’s such an effortless chic piece. Anyway, as times goes by so fast, I haven’t worn it for a single time. To be true I’ve...