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Le Fashionaire Cinco: the jewelry brand you need to know fashion inspiration black leather chocker gold silver agnes cinco necklace 1357F EN

Cinco: the jewelry brand you need to know

Cinco. More than a jewelry brand of silver made pieces, Cinco is a concept. It’s a dream came true by the hand of its founder Li Furtado, a super cool portuguese girl who dared to make the difference. Cinco’s history is deeply interlaced with the digital...

Le Fashionaire Pause blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration black lace mango bra white rose 1757F EN


Home. I see world as a circus where time push us and pulls us, making us test our abilities as trapeze artists of life. We’re all mountaineers making jugglings with the good and bad happenings. Some of us are just more gifted than others doing...

Le Fashionaire 3 Goals for 2017! blogger catarine martins faux fur grey coat pale pink pompom mango earrings 3588F EN

3 Goals for 2017!

New year. So this is it: 2017 is officially here. As it happens on the beginning of a new year, we plan a lot. Some of those plans will happen, other won’t. Anyway, what really matters is to keep fighting for our goals, and don’t...

Le Fashionaire Roberto Cavalli white silk shirt gold buttons zara bee fall earrings hm blogger catarine martins 8396F EN

Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli's embroidered jeans. When I was 15 I saw a mummy's friend wearing these jeans. Back in time, I remember how dazzled I was when I saw them for the first time. The embroidered details, the patches and the wild force in it made me...