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Gabrielle, the new Chanel perfume

Le Fashionaire Gabrielle, the new Chanel perfume black romper pearls buttons zara quartz hm white gold necklace perfume gold gabrielle chanel pearls hoop earrings pedra dura 5175F EN 805x450

Coco Chanel. Beyond the fashion designer who has broken the paradigms and created a concept that still make us dream nowadays, there was a woman, Gabrielle. She was a fighter in heart and a dreamer soul. Owner of a rebellious and enthralling character, Gabrielle grew...

Tomorrow’s Secret

Le Fashionaire Tomorrows Secret porto bike playsuit romper asos roses blogger dreamy editorial pucci 1036 EN 805x450

We tend to take tomorrow for granted. We make plans, write down our goals, make to do lists. But the truth is that tomorrow is a secret. None of us know what is going to happen tomorrow. We don’t even know if we’ll live enough...


Le Fashionaire White white embroidered romper desert beach inspiring blogger hat mango 0383 FEATURED EN 805x450

This summer white was one of my go-to colors. White is innocent yet serene and makes me feel confident in a peaceful and uncomplicated way. Some people find it hard to style but i truly think that is a matter of habit. As soon as...

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