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Le Fashionaire Hey you 2018: Goals and Dreams cashmere eights nude mango jumper knit wool gold pink womens secret pompom beret 6959F EN

Hey you 2018: Goals and Dreams

Hello, 2018. The first thing I do, on January 1st, is to write down my goals in a new journal. For 2018 I chose a white one with gold polka dots, so it can be a sparkling year. It is a ritual I have to...

Le Fashionaire Travel Diary: Amsterdam II blogger catarine martins amsterdam black white embroidered sheinside cardigan maxi lace zara dress bike 0839F EN

Travel Diary: Amsterdam II

Amsterdam. Amsterdam is such a beautiful yet different city. Full of flowers and art, the streets are dominated by bikes. Seeing so many bikes really impressed me. You know, i have never seen so many bikes in just one place It’s kind of weird cause...