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Merry Christmas my loves!

Le Fashionaire Merry Christmas my loves! kiko cute kitty cat silk bow white fluffy fox jumper zara kids green glasses 4555F EN 805x450

Christmas. And here we are in the most magical time of the year. I will not be a hypocrite and tell you that Christmas is my favorite - how could it be if I haven’t the person who matters the most anymore? - but I...

What i wore on Portugal Fashion: Day 1

Le Fashionaire What i wore on Portugal Fashion: Day 1 white tweed pearls zara coat bold gold mango earrings white linen zara tank top 8451F EN 805x450

Portugal Fashion. As i’ve already told you a lot of times, what i love the most about fashion is how creative this industry is. Because of that, in this edition of Portugal Fashion beyond the main fashion shows i went to see the younger designers...

Steal the spotlight

Le Fashionaire Steal the spotlight porto botanical garden military jacket black red velvet stradivarius 7258 FEATURED EN 805x450

Military. This militar jacket with dark red velvet details, was hanging on my closet for a long time. I wanted to wear it on a more original way than jeans or a basic skirt. So, as a XXI century woman i looked for inspo...

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