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Le Fashionaire Finding Balance pale pink leather black sleeves bershka jacket gold hoop hm earrings white silk zara shirt 8579F EN

Finding Balance

Balance. The days of the modern society we’re part of are made of non ending to do lists, new projects every day, a lot of emails to answer and things to do. We convince ourselves that we just can’t stop because being productive is what...

Le Fashionaire Moment black leather biker jacket mango silver zippers black ripped zara jeans purple velvet corselet beautiful burgundy corselet pearls killah 8229F EN


Time. I want to hide from time. I want to tell him to stop, he’s running too fast. There’s time to arrive there, where something is waiting for us. But he doesn’t listen to me. He doesn’t listen to anyone. He flies on the promisse...

Le Fashionaire Serpentine tartan red black snake embroidered shirt zara silver hoops swarovski red lipstick olivia nars 7672 EN


New in. When we’re talking about fashion it’s pretty nice to leave our comfort zone. You know, trying different styles is funny from time to time. I see fashion as a creative playground where our imagination is the limit. More than defining who we are, fashion...

Le Fashionaire White white embroidered romper desert beach inspiring blogger hat mango 0383 FEATURED EN


This summer white was one of my go-to colors. White is innocent yet serene and makes me feel confident in a peaceful and uncomplicated way. Some people find it hard to style but i truly think that is a matter of habit. As soon as...