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Casinha Boutique Cafe

Le Fashionaire Casinha Boutique Cafe blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration white black bow zara victorian shirt black leather like vest casinha boutique cafe 7598F EN 805x450

Cool places. Placed on Boavista Avenue in Oporto, the Casinha Boutique Cafe is one of those cool places in the city. Cozy and pretty, with its white details, delicious cappuccinos and yummy cakes, i kind of feel at home every time i go there. ...

Chiado Literary Café

Le Fashionaire Chiado Literary Café blogger catarine martins over knee black stradivarius boots black zara shorts 0132F EN 805x450

House of Literature. Located on Boavista Avenue, the Chiado Café Literário is a house full of books and culture. When you get in, the first room you see is the book’s room. There are stories waiting to be red everywhere, and it’s delightful to sit there...

The devil’s in the details

Le Fashionaire The devils in the details fashion inspiration white knit sweater wool namib denim jeans sparkle pearls namib pale pink bamboo parfois bag 8075F EN 805x450

I love details. Not just in fashion but in life as well. And in people. I love when somebody is so rich in details, that you want to discover them all, slowly. You see, i truly believe that you only know a person for good when...

Em Carne Viva, Vegan Restaurant

Le Fashionaire Em Carne Viva, Vegan Restaurant blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration restaurant carne viva oporto pink tweed coat zara black high heels gold zara 8779F EN 805x450

Vegan. The name, Em Carne Viva, is kind of curious in portuguese for a vegan restaurant. However, this is one of the best vegans in Oporto. Placed on number 868 at Avenida da Boavista, it’s totally worth the visit if you happen to be around. When...


Le Fashionaire Serpentine tartan red black snake embroidered shirt zara silver hoops swarovski red lipstick olivia nars 7672 EN 805x450

New in. When we’re talking about fashion it’s pretty nice to leave our comfort zone. You know, trying different styles is funny from time to time. I see fashion as a creative playground where our imagination is the limit. More than defining who we are, fashion...

São Bento Railway Station

Le Fashionaire São Bento Railway Station black velvet military gold embroidered coat zara dark purple lipstick instigator mac railway station sao bento 8019F EN 805x450

To go. One says São Bento Railway Station, in Oporto, is one of the most beautiful stations in the world. And i believe it. How couldn’t i? The ceiling and walls richness makes us not want to stop looking. It’s so damn beautiful. And it proves...

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