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Le Fashionaire Buying clothes at Primark: yay or nay? blogger catarine martins white embroidered blue cotton primark dress white bold tassels brown earrings beach sand sea 3080F EN

Buying clothes at Primark: yay or nay?

Primark. I know a lot of people who have some kind of prejudice on buying clothes at stores like Primark or even fairs. I don’t. For me what really matters is the piece ’s quality. If i can get a bargain i wouldn’t pay way...

Le Fashionaire 5 magazines to get inspiration from embroidered zara jeans red fishes magazines vogue fashion style atittude design porter fashion lifestyle beautiful editorials maxima lifestyle 1724F EN

5 magazines to get inspiration from

Magazines. As far as i can remember i’ve always loved magazines. I love to find new perspectives and beautiful photographs page after page. It’s like when we’re reading a magazine we’re opening a door of inspiration. At least, that’s how i feel. So that, when...

Le Fashionaire New In: Puma Suede Heart blogger catarine martins puma suede heart lavender velvet sneakers blue porter magazine spring pink rose 5135F EN

New In: Puma Suede Heart

Sneakers. Life has definitely been easy since the fashion’s world allowed us to wear sneakers in style. For the last past seasons we were able to be stylish in flats. First came the Adidas Super Star, then the New Balance, the All Stars and the...

Le Fashionaire Kora by Miranda Kerr catarine martins blogger beauty tips product kora foaming cleanser miranda kerr flower rose 9805 FEATURED EN

Kora by Miranda Kerr

Kora Cleanser. So, let’s be honest here, everybody looks for a flawless skin. However a lot of us use to spend money on make up, to cover our damage skin instead of caring about it. I did that for years, always trying to achieve the...