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Le Fashionaire On trend: straw basket bag white shirt black details bershka black velvet leather zara spikes ankle boots long gold circle hm earrings red nars olivia lipstick 4635F EN

On trend: straw basket bag

Toino Abel. The straw basket bags left their countrified origins to become one of the most trendy bags of the season. It’s a return to the past and to the iconic Jane Birkin whom used to wear a straw basket bag, putting it on...

Le Fashionaire Roberto Cavalli white silk shirt gold buttons zara bee fall earrings hm blogger catarine martins 8396F EN

Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli's embroidered jeans. When I was 15 I saw a mummy's friend wearing these jeans. Back in time, I remember how dazzled I was when I saw them for the first time. The embroidered details, the patches and the wild force in it made me...