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Le Fashionaire is an inspirational outlet where i share my evoling daily style, my beauty secrets and all that keeps inspiring me from places to people. The focus is kept on sharing timeless and worthy content, staying true to myself.
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Being Bold

Le Fashionaire Being Bold fashion inspiration black neoprene peacock sleeves shein jumper black celine sunglasses 1793F EN 805x450

Peacock. It’s cool to wear something different from time to time. At least, i think so. You see, i’m always looking for bold different pieces that make a look. I’m not a “ yey, everybody’s wearing the same”, kind of girl, because i truly love...

What to wear on Christmas dinner?

Le Fashionaire What to wear on Christmas dinner? blogger catarine martins velvet silver buttons stradivarius blazer lace zara black bell sleeves blouse bold pale pink fringes pvc hm earrings 0637F EN 805x450

December. The holidays are officially here, and so the dinners and parties before Christmas. I can’t barely believe 2016 is coming to an end. You see, it went so fast! Because we’re all on a rush on this time of the year, i’m bringing you...

It’s almost Christmas

Le Fashionaire Its almost Christmas blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration satin old pink ruffle bershka blouse bold pvc pink transparent pink earrings 0579F EN 805x450

Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner, about to happen. Christmas is sparkling, beautiful and kind. And it makes each one of us shine in a good way. I love to see the Christmas lights and trees all around the...

Over the sea

Le Fashionaire Over the sea blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration black white zara blazer beach sea sand sunset 8625F EN 805x450

Sea. I’ve already talked about it here on the blog, but truth is sea is my favorite happy place. Feeling the sand over my feet, and hearing the sound of the waves on the beach, inspire me and calm me down. You see, sea is...

Roberto Cavalli

Le Fashionaire Roberto Cavalli white silk shirt gold buttons zara bee fall earrings hm blogger catarine martins 8396F EN 805x450

Cavalli's embroidered jeans. When I was 15 I saw a mummy's friend wearing these jeans. Back in time, I remember how dazzled I was when I saw them for the first time. The embroidered details, the patches and the wild force in it made me...


Le Fashionaire Words white belt blazer zara black lace top stradivarius gold nude leather ring calvin klein leather leopard clutch zara 7467 EN 805x450

I love words. I love reading them, hearing them and writing them. Words make me feel confortable. They’re like an oasis on a thirsty world. People use to save them, but truth is i’ve seen a lot of missunderstoods due to the lack of words. And...

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