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Ipiranga Museum

Sao Paulo. When in Sao Paulo, between the skyscrapers and endless roads, there’s a lot of buildings made from the European architecture, on a clear return to the past. The Ipiranga Museum is one of them. It’s closed for restoring construction now, but from the facade...

Le Fashionaire Soares dos Reis Museum blogger catarine martins tweed black white zara tartan shorts black wool gold details knit sweater soares reis museum mint beautiful room 8939F EN

Soares dos Reis Museum

Porto. One of these cold weekends when we didn’t know what to do, we thought it was a good ideia to go visit a museum. So, we chose the Soares dos Reis Museum in Porto. No one of us had ever visit it, and our...

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Lisbon. I love Lisbon so much, that i always get happy when visiting the city. It’s a magical city, and a place where you can almost touch the good vibes. So, i was truly amazed of being there last week....

Le Fashionaire Travel Diary: Amsterdam II blogger catarine martins amsterdam black white embroidered sheinside cardigan maxi lace zara dress bike 0839F EN

Travel Diary: Amsterdam II

Amsterdam. Amsterdam is such a beautiful yet different city. Full of flowers and art, the streets are dominated by bikes. Seeing so many bikes really impressed me. You know, i have never seen so many bikes in just one place It’s kind of weird cause...

Le Fashionaire Travel Diary: Amsterdam blogger catarine martins calvin klein silver watch flower grey stradivarius earrings amesterdam van loon museum harp 0960F EN

Travel Diary: Amsterdam

Van Loon Museum. We flew to Amsterdam last June. But, even if time has flown i wanted to share with you some of my best memories of the city. Maybe i will do kind of a city guide next week (with the must-go places), what...