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Happy easter

Le Fashionaire Happy easter sea blogger catarine martins maxi transparent lace pale pink black zara skirt black lace body hm rabbit ears black lace asos easter eggs basket 9691F EN 805x450

Easter. Finally, the long weekend is here. I don't know about you, but all i'm craving for these days are walks at the beach, cakes, easter eggs and kisses at the sunsets. Movies till late, cappuccinos and dolce far niente....

Bye bye, 2016!

Le Fashionaire Bye bye, 2016! new year blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration burgundy fur sfera stole red lipstick kate moss rimmel 3433F EN 805x450

Saying goodbye. 2016 is coming to an end. And, as every good story, the hardest part are the last chapters. We want them to last forever, so we read them slowly in order to delay their end. However, as everything in this life, including life...

Travel Diary: Amsterdam II

Le Fashionaire Travel Diary: Amsterdam II blogger catarine martins amsterdam black white embroidered sheinside cardigan maxi lace zara dress bike 0839F EN 805x450

Amsterdam. Amsterdam is such a beautiful yet different city. Full of flowers and art, the streets are dominated by bikes. Seeing so many bikes really impressed me. You know, i have never seen so many bikes in just one place It’s kind of weird cause...