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Le Fashionaire Happiness is in the little things pink knit english soldiers march on red ted baker sweater fur grey clutch half moon white gold cinco necklace beach sea 2659F EN

Happiness is in the little things

State of mind. I’ve read somewhere i cant’t rember, that happiness is on the simple things. Off course, we don’t need anyone saying this to us, because all know this, and day after day we’re reminded of this on our lives, right? However, from time to...

Le Fashionaire Over the sea blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration black white zara blazer beach sea sand sunset 8625F EN

Over the sea

Sea. I’ve already talked about it here on the blog, but truth is sea is my favorite happy place. Feeling the sand over my feet, and hearing the sound of the waves on the beach, inspire me and calm me down. You see, sea is...

Le Fashionaire Viva la vida portugal guincho beach inspiration blogger sea asos striped blue torn ripped pants superstar adidas 8069 FEATURED EN

Viva la vida

Being thankful. To life, to people around us, to the universe. Probably being thankful is one of the things we do less in life. So many times we rather be jealous about other people’s lives than being thankful for our own life. And that is...