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Introduce yourself to opportunities!

Le Fashionaire Introduce yourself to opportunities! black zara lace dress leather biker jacket black mango straw bag black camel toino abel handmade Dark mac instigator lipstick 8381F EN 805x450

Opportunities. Since we were kids we’re used to dream making a thousand plans in our heads. We all want to succeed in life and love. And off course find happiness. But as time goes by, we learn dreaming is not enough. We have to chase our...

7 lipsticks for Fall

Le Fashionaire 7 lipsticks for Fall ysl urban decay mac fast play givenchy nars olivia instigator lipstick 4749F EN 805x450

Lipsticks. Lipsticks are probably one of the most used cosmetics by women. Fact is we all love some color on our lips. It makes us feel pretty and confident. From nudes to dark purples, these are my seven favorite lipsticks for fall...

The trench coat

Le Fashionaire The trench coat trench coat camel black mango neoprene black lace dress zara gold round necklace stradivarius fringes gold earrings hm 8654F EN 805x450

Rain drops. Rain drops everywhere. It’s a nightmare. Okay, i’m not a rain person. At all. To be totally honest, when i wake up and realise it’s raining outside i feel sad inside. All i want is to come to bed again, and forget about...

São Bento Railway Station

Le Fashionaire São Bento Railway Station black velvet military gold embroidered coat zara dark purple lipstick instigator mac railway station sao bento 8019F EN 805x450

To go. One says São Bento Railway Station, in Oporto, is one of the most beautiful stations in the world. And i believe it. How couldn’t i? The ceiling and walls richness makes us not want to stop looking. It’s so damn beautiful. And it proves...


Le Fashionaire LKodak blogger kodak porto amazing dreaming pale pink dress beach 4441 FEATURED EN 805x450

The sun rises slowly in the morning. It’s saturday and i’m lost in my laziness. I don’t want to wake up, but the sun on my window invites me to enjoy the day. I hesitate, divided between the will of staying in and the will...