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Le Fashionaire 3 reasons why i love silk blouses silk nude stripes ribbons silk uterque blouse dark green gold bold zara tassels earrings 0718F EN

3 reasons why i love silk blouses

Silk. The first thing i need you to know is that silk is one of my favorite fabrics. So, for a while now i’ve been preferring natural fibers like silk, cotton or linen to synthetic fibers. Off course, it doesn’t mean i don’t buy synthetic...

Le Fashionaire L’oréal X Balmain: my top 3 lipsticks white zara silk shirt beret cap fake leather black zara loreal balmain lipsticks packaging shades glamazone liberation freedom nude purple dark 0552F EN

L’oréal X Balmain: my top 3 lipsticks

Beauty. When i first heard about the L’oréal and Balmain collab i was super excited about it. I mean i love Balmain and i admire Olivier Rousteing and his creative vision so much. So, the collab is about 12 matte lipsticks with a luxury packaging...

Le Fashionaire Unique Hotel red pool top hotel unique sao paulo 6035F EN

Unique Hotel

This is “unique”. We’ve arrived at Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo on a rainy tropical afternoon. My first thought when i saw it was “ this hotel is so cool in its beautiful curves and round windows”. But, the best was yet to come. Many...

Le Fashionaire Travel Diary: Quinta do Lorde Hotel lefashionaire catarine martins travel diary hotel quinta lorde madeira portugal natural pool luxury hotel celine sunglasses blanca suarez women secret swimsuit chic 2973 FEATURED EN

Travel Diary: Quinta do Lorde Hotel

Para-para-paradise. When in Madeira Island we rented a car so we could drive the Island coast to coast. One of our first destinations was Ponta de São Lourenço. However while we were driving to get there, we saw an amazing infinity pool down the hills....