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Le Fashionaire is an inspirational outlet where i share my evoling daily style, my beauty secrets and all that keeps inspiring me from places to people. The focus is kept on sharing timeless and worthy content, staying true to myself.
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Golden Age

Le Fashionaire Golden Age white wool mango knit sweater gold pleated shein skirt camel black leopard leather sfera clutch 2507F EN 805x450

The world we’re living in. I’ve always believed our opinions on the world we’re living in matter. You see, we’re living in an age where information is everywhere, and we’re always connected in some way. And, because of that, sometimes we forget we live...

Happiness is in the little things

Le Fashionaire Happiness is in the little things pink knit english soldiers march on red ted baker sweater fur grey clutch half moon white gold cinco necklace beach sea 2659F EN 805x450

State of mind. I’ve read somewhere i cant’t rember, that happiness is on the simple things. Off course, we don’t need anyone saying this to us, because all know this, and day after day we’re reminded of this on our lives, right? However, from time to...

Living is not for the weak

Le Fashionaire Living is not for the weak sweater white knit feather vintage brown leather mango pompom vest pale pink bamboo parfois bag earrings white pearl pedra dura 1117F EN 805x450

To live. While i was running errands on the other day – with my favorite booties and a sweater my mum (who has already passed away) had gifted me – i caught myself thinking about life. It’s quite fun to think about life, as it...

Le Fashionaire

Le Fashionaire Le Fashionaire white bow shirt customized le fashionaire mango green leopard pvc roberto cavalli belt over knee black stradivarius boots 0286F EN 805x450

Creativity. The name of the blog, Le Fashionaire, came to my mind on a lazy afternoon of teas and books. You see, I had already written some names on my notebook, but no one of those made my heart melt. So, when I thought of...

Style Heritage

Le Fashionaire Style Heritage white oversized shirt zara dark blue military gold jacket mango gold all stars gold fall vintage scarf white brown horses 8534F EN 805x450

The scarf. I’ve found this scarf one of these days on the box where my mum used to keep her scarf’s collection. Even if she’s not with me anymore – life stole her from me, malevolently, in 2014- i’m similar to her in so many...

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