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Pop of yellow

Le Fashionaire Pop of yellow fashion inspiration yellow vinyl trend sfera mini skirt black military wool jacket zara black bow lace claires hat white pearls pedra dura hoops 1043F EN 805x450

Trend alert: yellow. Looking at the style’s compass that fashion shows and Golden Globes are, this Spring yellow will be a trendy color. And so does vinyl. Even if yellow is not everyone’s cup of tea, truth is it’s an energizing and powerful shade for sunny...

Decadence by Marc Jacobs

Le Fashionaire Decadence by Marc Jacobs night sleep silver pale pink lace women secret dress gold triangle necklace decadence perfume marc jacobs bag like snake print green 3156F EN 805x450

Perfume. It’s funny how perfumes we wear become part of our identity. You see, it’s like the perfume’s scent, that are ours due to the simple fact of wearing it, become a trade mark of our essence. The thing is, perfumes we wear say...

Another Christmas outfit

Le Fashionaire Another Christmas outfit lace black bell sleeves zara top pleated metallic gold skirt stradivarius black gold leaf leather mango clutch 0688F EN 805x450

Black and gold. I’ve already posted two outfits for Christmas’s dinners on the blog (here and here), and today i’m bringing you the third one. It was the combination of the colors, black and gold, what inspired me to create this outfit, as it is...

What to wear on Christmas dinner?

Le Fashionaire What to wear on Christmas dinner? blogger catarine martins velvet silver buttons stradivarius blazer lace zara black bell sleeves blouse bold pale pink fringes pvc hm earrings 0637F EN 805x450

December. The holidays are officially here, and so the dinners and parties before Christmas. I can’t barely believe 2016 is coming to an end. You see, it went so fast! Because we’re all on a rush on this time of the year, i’m bringing you...

7 lipsticks for Fall

Le Fashionaire 7 lipsticks for Fall ysl urban decay mac fast play givenchy nars olivia instigator lipstick 4749F EN 805x450

Lipsticks. Lipsticks are probably one of the most used cosmetics by women. Fact is we all love some color on our lips. It makes us feel pretty and confident. From nudes to dark purples, these are my seven favorite lipsticks for fall...

What’s luck got to do with it?

Le Fashionaire Whats luck got to do with it? white black zara blazer rabbit fur white grey stole lace black stradivarius top gold long hoop hm earrings 9836F EN 805x450

Luck. Even if i truly believe we control our lives, i also believe in luck. Luck is that invisible hand that favor us from time to time. Everybody is lucky sometimes, isn’t it? There are so many people out there who defend ...