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Le Fashionaire This is my favorite jumpsuit ever white silk polka dots colorful uterque jumpsuit black leather gold heels uterque sandals 2481F EN

This is my favorite jumpsuit ever

Uterque. Of all the fast fashion shops Uterque is my absolute favorite. And, despite being an expensive store - although this expensive and cheap thing is really relative - every time I go to the mall I see the Uterque news. And it was one...

Le Fashionaire Christmas gifts for friends and mum: jewelry white zara silk shirt filigree portuguese heart red pearls necklace 0 4123F EN

Christmas gifts for friends and mum: jewelry

Gifts. Christmas is just around the corner and at this point, we begin to feel pressured to buy the last presents. Or the first ones. Therefore, in the coming days, I will give you suggestions of gifts that, as well as beautiful, always work. Let's start with...

Le Fashionaire Unique Hotel red pool top hotel unique sao paulo 6035F EN

Unique Hotel

This is “unique”. We’ve arrived at Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo on a rainy tropical afternoon. My first thought when i saw it was “ this hotel is so cool in its beautiful curves and round windows”. But, the best was yet to come. Many...

Le Fashionaire Black and White blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration white shirt bow neck cotton globe black stradivarius jumpsuit shoes purple black portuguese monks 9332F EN

Black and White

The jumpsuit. Back in July, I was gifted this jumpsuit for my birthday. At the time I absolutely loved it, as it’s such an effortless chic piece. Anyway, as times goes by so fast, I haven’t worn it for a single time. To be true I’ve...