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Le Fashionaire Christmas gifts for friends and mum: jewelry white zara silk shirt filigree portuguese heart red pearls necklace 0 4123F EN

Christmas gifts for friends and mum: jewelry

Gifts. Christmas is just around the corner and at this point, we begin to feel pressured to buy the last presents. Or the first ones. Therefore, in the coming days, I will give you suggestions of gifts that, as well as beautiful, always work. Let's start with...

Le Fashionaire Christmas Editorial blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration red asos jumpsuit faux fur white zara coat tiger santa claus white christmas tree ikea beach 2034F EN

Christmas Editorial

Almost Christmas. One says it’s the most wonderful time of the year. And when i see all the lights shining on the streets like stars, people excited everywhere i go, lots of love and happiness all around, i’m tempted to agree. But then, i remember...

Le Fashionaire Mistress of the jewels lefashionaire catarine martins mistress jewels blogger beautiful gorgeous dreamy joana ribeiro lace jewelry silver angel flower 5105 EN

Mistress of the jewels

It may sound exaggerated but one says that life is a sum of chances that find in circumstances the perfect alignment to become happenings. Maybe that’s true. Maybe not....