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Le Fashionaire Where to find cool and cheap shirts polka dots black white shein shirt bell sleeves brown leather high waist trousers louis vuitton pochette metis reverse 6292F EN

Where to find cool and cheap shirts

Shirts. With the days getting bigger - and more enjoyable - I feel like leaving the coats and sweaters aside and bet more on shirts and blouses of light fabrics.And in one of my searches for nice, cheap shirts to wear on work (which means...

Le Fashionaire One year after my hip surgery grey knit wool jumper pink embroidered we are future topshop nold wood pink zara earrings black leather zara beret 7126F EN

One year after my hip surgery

1 year and 2 days. As you know, 367 days ago I lived one of the biggest challenges of my life. At the time the weather was warm and the shadow of what was waiting for me was uncertain. Of course, I was (very) hopeful...

Le Fashionaire Last years Halloween haunted abandoned house paco duques cadaval black white chichi london dress halloween make up dia muertos flower crown purple black claires 6141F EN

Last year’s Halloween

Creepy. I have already shared with you my Halloween inspo for this year, here on the blog. However, the other day i was looking for some pics on my computer when i found these ones from the Halloween of last year. So i thought it...

Le Fashionaire Travel Diary: Quinta do Lorde Hotel lefashionaire catarine martins travel diary hotel quinta lorde madeira portugal natural pool luxury hotel celine sunglasses blanca suarez women secret swimsuit chic 2973 FEATURED EN

Travel Diary: Quinta do Lorde Hotel

Para-para-paradise. When in Madeira Island we rented a car so we could drive the Island coast to coast. One of our first destinations was Ponta de São Lourenço. However while we were driving to get there, we saw an amazing infinity pool down the hills....