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Don’t forget to love yourself!

Le Fashionaire Dont forget to love yourself! blogger catarine martins white black wool bell bow sleeve shein knit sweater white zara trousers black gold zara clutch 3506F EN 805x450

Self-love. Life teach us along the way, that it doesn’t matter how many people love us, if we don’t love ourselves first. If we don’t love the person who we are, the person we see standing there, in the mirror, every morning. You see, along...

Happiness is in the little things

Le Fashionaire Happiness is in the little things pink knit english soldiers march on red ted baker sweater fur grey clutch half moon white gold cinco necklace beach sea 2659F EN 805x450

State of mind. I’ve read somewhere i cant’t rember, that happiness is on the simple things. Off course, we don’t need anyone saying this to us, because all know this, and day after day we’re reminded of this on our lives, right? However, from time to...

3 Goals for 2017!

Le Fashionaire 3 Goals for 2017! blogger catarine martins faux fur grey coat pale pink pompom mango earrings 3588F EN 805x450

New year. So this is it: 2017 is officially here. As it happens on the beginning of a new year, we plan a lot. Some of those plans will happen, other won’t. Anyway, what really matters is to keep fighting for our goals, and don’t...

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