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Le Fashionaire is an inspirational outlet where i share my evoling daily style, my beauty secrets and all that keeps inspiring me from places to people. The focus is kept on sharing timeless and worthy content, staying true to myself.
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Ruffles and Leather

Le Fashionaire Ruffles and Leather white blue stripes ruffle shein shirt hoop crystal earrings black red swarovski burgundy sfera wool hat 4388F EN 805x450

Hey, winter. Last sunday, we were feeling a bit lazy at home, watching Queen of The South (by the away i’ve already watched season one, so i´m already waiting for season 2 to be released: if you haven’t seen it yet, you truly have to),...

A matter of perspective

Le Fashionaire A matter of perspective military embroidered velvet dark blue gold zara jacket white ruffles americo tavar shirt gold fringes hm earrings celine black big sunnies 2231F EN 805x450

Life is a matter of perspective. When in Lisbon, we decided to have a walk at Champalimaud Foundation, an amazing place by the river. And, while we are walking and feeling the sun on our skins, I felt such a great inner peace. I don’t...

Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel

Le Fashionaire Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel sofa blogger catarine martins lousa palace boutique hotel white gold buttons silk zara shirt evening collection pale pink zara pants 1302F EN 805x450

Palace of Lousã. Located in the sunny village of Lousã, 30 km far from Coimbra, Palácio da Lousã Boutique Hotel, is so charming and magnificent that’s impossible not to stay in, if you have the chance. Once a Palace, it was converted into a hotel...

Travel Diary: Amsterdam

Le Fashionaire Travel Diary: Amsterdam blogger catarine martins calvin klein silver watch flower grey stradivarius earrings amesterdam van loon museum harp 0960F EN 805x450

Van Loon Museum. We flew to Amsterdam last June. But, even if time has flown i wanted to share with you some of my best memories of the city. Maybe i will do kind of a city guide next week (with the must-go places), what...

Do not put a label on it

Le Fashionaire Do not put a label on it catarine martins blogger gold mango necklace choker silk black classic mango shirt yellow nails hm 5853 FEATURED EN 805x450

Black. I like black as it’s a color that calms me down. When everything seems not under control i see on black a shelter. As i do in silence. Lately, i’ve caught myself thinking there is too much noise in this world. I mean everybody has...

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