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Le Fashionaire Freedom embroidered black dots intimissimi body paper bag black lefties trousers black narciso rodriguez clutch 0852F EN


George Michael. While i’m writing this article, i’m listening to Freedom, from George Michael. It’s one of my favorite songs since i heard it when i was a teenager, on tv. I remember loving the video clip because all my favorite top models were in...

Le Fashionaire Its almost Christmas blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration satin old pink ruffle bershka blouse bold pvc pink transparent pink earrings 0579F EN

It’s almost Christmas

Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner, about to happen. Christmas is sparkling, beautiful and kind. And it makes each one of us shine in a good way. I love to see the Christmas lights and trees all around the...

Le Fashionaire Think Pink pale pink winter fur coat zara kids wool knit sweater white mango white jeans mango over knee grey bershka boots fur pale pink stradivarius clutch 0183F EN

Think Pink

The pink coat. I was looking for a pale pink coat for a while now, but truth is there was no one i really liked. It happened that i was at Zara on the other day, when i decided to take a look at Zara...

Le Fashionaire Over the sea blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration black white zara blazer beach sea sand sunset 8625F EN

Over the sea

Sea. I’ve already talked about it here on the blog, but truth is sea is my favorite happy place. Feeling the sand over my feet, and hearing the sound of the waves on the beach, inspire me and calm me down. You see, sea is...

Le Fashionaire Words white belt blazer zara black lace top stradivarius gold nude leather ring calvin klein leather leopard clutch zara 7467 EN


I love words. I love reading them, hearing them and writing them. Words make me feel confortable. They’re like an oasis on a thirsty world. People use to save them, but truth is i’ve seen a lot of missunderstoods due to the lack of words. And...