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Le Fashionaire What is your style? black lace ruffles organza zara dress tweed black white gold chain mango jacket gold long circle hm earrings 0242F EN

What is your style?

Style. On the another day i was at a meeting when someone asked me what my style is. I immediately said casual chic, but after the meeting i got myself thinking: how do we define our style? I mean, i’ve been into girly and effortless chic...

Le Fashionaire Effortless Chic oporto se cathedral black zara comfy pants white silk zara shirt zara black gold pointed heels 7136F EN

Effortless Chic

Flawless. Even if i love colorful embroidered clothes, and i truly do, i always find on black and white one of my favorite color’s combinations. You can never go wrong wearing it. It’s strong, powerful and clean. When i’m late and i just don’t know...