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Le Fashionaire is an inspirational outlet where i share my evoling daily style, my beauty secrets and all that keeps inspiring me from places to people. The focus is kept on sharing timeless and worthy content, staying true to myself.
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3 reasons why you need a digital detox

Le Fashionaire 3 reasons why you need a digital detox banana trees 4744F EN 805x450

Detox. Digital world has become part of our lives and as a blogger i feel that i need to be connected almost all the time. Actually, almost all of us are online nowadays. We have facebook, instagram, google, twitter you name it. However, i guess...

Where to shop for cool dresses?

Le Fashionaire Where to shop for cool dresses? bodycon white black dots tropical pineapple lemon kiwi grape green asos dress espadrilles stripes black white suede zara blue yellow window street 3658F EN 805x450

Clothes. When the days get hotter and bigger i use to put my trousers in pause and start wearing dresses non stop. Truth is i love dresses, mainly because they’re beautiful and so easy to wear. I mean, i like to wear them in winter...

How to find our place in the world

Le Fashionaire How to find our place in the world black lace maxi zara dress beach sun sea 4914F EN 805x450

Life. When i was younger i used to ask myself what was my place in this world. It’s quite a philosophic question i know, but asking ourselves who we are and what do we want helps us on making choices and deciding the purpose of...

How to find the perfect summer dress

Le Fashionaire How to find the perfect summer dress white embroidered pom pom white mango dress nude scarf blue butterflies swarovski 3738F EN 805x450

Dresses. From all clothes we have dresses are the most versatile. They’re feminine and beautiful and they’re perfect to wear on those days we don’t know what to wear. Plus, dresses are comfortable and easy to wear. So, on summer days they are a perfect...

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