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You need to know this street art rabbit

Le Fashionaire You need to know this street art rabbit yellow white vertical stripes bershka blazer gold bold green tassels zara earrings yellow roses 9219F EN 805x450

Street art. Anyone who walks along the Douro River, in Gaia, where there’s History hidden in every corner and so many secular wine houses that are worth the visit, is far from knowing, that nearby, stands one of the most amazing street art installations. I...

5 must visit places in Sao Paulo

Le Fashionaire 5 must visit places in Sao Paulo shopping mall cidade jardim sao paulo city 8662F EN 805x450

Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is such a cosmopolitan city that is hard not to find cool places and new things to do there. Anyway, i’ve picked up my top 5 places in the city, that are worth the visit. If you happen to be in...

From Sao Paulo with love

Le Fashionaire From Sao Paulo with love white stars planets dark blue printed zara dress white blouse black bow zara gold round bold sunnies 5606F EN 805x450

Martinelli Building. Coming back to São Paulo is always so good to me. Every corner in this city remind me of my childhood. I can still tell how happy i was here when i was a child. So many good memories in this city. In the...