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Le Fashionaire Cinco: the jewelry brand you need to know fashion inspiration black leather chocker gold silver agnes cinco necklace 1357F EN

Cinco: the jewelry brand you need to know

Cinco. More than a jewelry brand of silver made pieces, Cinco is a concept. It’s a dream came true by the hand of its founder Li Furtado, a super cool portuguese girl who dared to make the difference. Cinco’s history is deeply interlaced with the digital...

Le Fashionaire The bra issue blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration black gold leather choker cinco white man zara shirt balconette lace delicate white bra hm 8165F EN

The bra issue

How to find a perfect bra? Bras are probably the most worn piece by women. What is totally understandable due to its utility on the feminine world. So, as a nonstop worn piece, it has to be beautiful. It doesn’t matter if it’s clean...

Le Fashionaire Do not put a label on it catarine martins blogger gold mango necklace choker silk black classic mango shirt yellow nails hm 5853 FEATURED EN

Do not put a label on it

Black. I like black as it’s a color that calms me down. When everything seems not under control i see on black a shelter. As i do in silence. Lately, i’ve caught myself thinking there is too much noise in this world. I mean everybody has...