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Two key pieces to wear in January

Le Fashionaire Two key pieces to wear in January white oversized velvet mango premium blazer white ripped mango jeans black leather white pearls zara ankle boots burgundy faux fur sfera stole 7252F EN 805x450

January. When I think about all the months of the year, January has always been the one I disliked the most. I mean, there’s no logical reason behind it, but I guess the cold (you already know I hate cold) and the apathy that characterizes...

On trend: bell sleeves

Le Fashionaire On trend: bell sleeves english embroidered flare sleeves bow zara leather snake print diane von furstenberg bag white black 2757F EN 805x450

Trendy. One of the funniest facets of fashion is that it makes us travel in time. I mean, designer rediscover trends every now and then, from different decades. And so do we. Thinking about bell sleeves, they were a big hit on 70’s and now...

Decadence by Marc Jacobs

Le Fashionaire Decadence by Marc Jacobs night sleep silver pale pink lace women secret dress gold triangle necklace decadence perfume marc jacobs bag like snake print green 3156F EN 805x450

Perfume. It’s funny how perfumes we wear become part of our identity. You see, it’s like the perfume’s scent, that are ours due to the simple fact of wearing it, become a trade mark of our essence. The thing is, perfumes we wear say...

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