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Le Fashionaire Must have: EOS Lip Balm catarine martins blogger fashion eos lip balm military grey white stradivarius jacket 7206 FEATURED EN

Must have: EOS Lip Balm

I first heard about EOS on an american beauty blog. Back in time, the review was so good that i really got curious about the ball lipbalm. So, as soon as i could i ordered it online and tried it. I couldn’t have loved it more....

Le Fashionaire How to wear white on fall shirt white zara gold details classic gold earrings catarina militao 6762 FEATURED EN

How to wear white on fall

White. Usually, when we think about white outfits we think about summer outfits, right? However there is good news: the all white outfits are not exclusive of hot summer days. You know, when leafs start falling, days start getting shorter and everything seems to get dark...

Le Fashionaire Getting personal catarine martins blogger earrings catarina militao jewellery design bordeaux—rosefield watch 6056 FEATURED EN 1

Getting personal

Personal talk. Actually i’m not used to make such personal posts here on the blog, but due to my absence lately i want to share what happened to me and why i haven’t post anything on the last days....