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Le Fashionaire Where to shop for cool clothes? white cape gold buttons shein blazer white silk ruffles lace massimo dutti shirt mirrored sunnies cat eye fake leather black parfois clutch 0428F EN

Where to shop for cool clothes?

Fashion. As you probably might have noticed by now, i’m always looking for cool clothes. I mean, even if i love trends - and i do - i also love to have a unique style. In my point of view, these kind of cool pieces...

Le Fashionaire The charming Vista Alegre Hotel Wall plates vista alegre porcelain black embroidered bershka shorts white black cashmere karl lagerfeld sweater hotel montebelo vista alegre 6894F EN

The charming Vista Alegre Hotel

Montebelo Vista Alegre Ílhavo Hotel. The history of Vista Alegre, one of the most famous portuguese porcelain brands, it’s deeply connected to the village of Ílhavo where the factory was born. That’s why it’s not a surprise that 200 years after Vista Alegre Hotel has arised...

Le Fashionaire Move forward blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration pompom pale pink mango earrings grey brown pompom wool cape 0329F EN

Move forward

To go. I almost can’t tell how many times i heard life is a way. And it is, off course. To be totally honest, life is a one way road. Everyday we move forward, looking for new landscapes, new people and good surprises. We don’t...

Le Fashionaire Why you should try new things blogger catarine martins cape sheinside shorts zara over the knee boots stradivarius clutch mango earrings hm black autumn tree dry leaf 9473F EN

Why you should try new things

Over the knee boots. For a long time i saw over the knee boots as something i didn’t need. Actually i liked them, but as they’ve become so trendy on the last years (meaning everybody has a pair) i though it was a good idea...