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3 french authors you need to know

Le Fashionaire 3 french authors you need to know red cape zara coat gold cinco bird necklace turtle neck black zara knit round mango sunglasses 4071F EN 805x450

Paris. One of the things I like to do when I'm in Paris (and elsewhere in the world) is to lose myself in bookstores, buy a new book, and sit on a terrace reading it. The truth is that since I learned to read I...

Chiado Literary Café

Le Fashionaire Chiado Literary Café blogger catarine martins over knee black stradivarius boots black zara shorts 0132F EN 805x450

House of Literature. Located on Boavista Avenue, the Chiado Café Literário is a house full of books and culture. When you get in, the first room you see is the book’s room. There are stories waiting to be red everywhere, and it’s delightful to sit there...

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