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Ruffles and Leather

Le Fashionaire Ruffles and Leather white blue stripes ruffle shein shirt hoop crystal earrings black red swarovski burgundy sfera wool hat 4388F EN 805x450

Hey, winter. Last sunday, we were feeling a bit lazy at home, watching Queen of The South (by the away i’ve already watched season one, so i´m already waiting for season 2 to be released: if you haven’t seen it yet, you truly have to),...


Le Fashionaire MAAT blogger catarine martins dark blue grey bugs uterque knit sweater light denim sfera jeans dark blue croc leather zara bag 3255F EN 805x450

Lisbon. I love Lisbon so much, that i always get happy when visiting the city. It’s a magical city, and a place where you can almost touch the good vibes. So, i was truly amazed of being there last week....

What to wear on new year’s eve?

Le Fashionaire What to wear on new years eve? fashion inspiration blue velvet gold embroidered flowers asos dress 0749F EN 805x450

New year’s eve. The new year is around the corner. And, i want to join it without colds or fever. So that, i’ve been looking for long sleeve dresses and pretty coats, to wear on the new year’s eve. I want the outfit to be...

Winter is coming

Le Fashionaire Winter is coming pale blue zara coat white ripped jeans mango white knit sweater namib gold lefties necklace leather fur clutch sfera watch rosefield 9273F EN 805x450

November. Days are cold, and the wind feels like knifes in our faces. Winter is coming. As it is. I have never liked winter. I don’t like the rush of winter days, people trying to get somewhere warmer than the streets. I don’t like the despair...

Cloud no. 9

Le Fashionaire Cloud no. 9 pijama dark blue cloud rain primark cool blogger catarine martins 7869F EN 805x450

November, the 1st. Today it’s a national holiday and so the day rises dived in laziness. I woke up late, sunbeams on my face, laziness on my body. It is so good to grab a slow coffee while watching the news. Today i’m not afraid...

Blue shades of Ericeira

Le Fashionaire Blue shades of Ericeira portugal ericeira surf blogger hat sun beach yellow heat 5253 EN 805x450

Ericeira is poetry written in blue shades. It kind of looks like a painting, painted by a gifted artist. On the white canvas, the brushstrokes get life upon the amazing village full of details. It looks like a painting, but Ericeira is real. White and...