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Le Fashionaire is an inspirational outlet where i share my evoling daily style, my beauty secrets and all that keeps inspiring me from places to people. The focus is kept on sharing timeless and worthy content, staying true to myself.
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Le Fashionaire MAAT blogger catarine martins dark blue grey bugs uterque knit sweater light denim sfera jeans dark blue croc leather zara bag 3255F EN 805x450

Lisbon. I love Lisbon so much, that i always get happy when visiting the city. It’s a magical city, and a place where you can almost touch the good vibes. So, i was truly amazed of being there last week....

3 Goals for 2017!

Le Fashionaire 3 Goals for 2017! blogger catarine martins faux fur grey coat pale pink pompom mango earrings 3588F EN 805x450

New year. So this is it: 2017 is officially here. As it happens on the beginning of a new year, we plan a lot. Some of those plans will happen, other won’t. Anyway, what really matters is to keep fighting for our goals, and don’t...

Another Christmas outfit

Le Fashionaire Another Christmas outfit lace black bell sleeves zara top pleated metallic gold skirt stradivarius black gold leaf leather mango clutch 0688F EN 805x450

Black and gold. I’ve already posted two outfits for Christmas’s dinners on the blog (here and here), and today i’m bringing you the third one. It was the combination of the colors, black and gold, what inspired me to create this outfit, as it is...

Style Heritage

Le Fashionaire Style Heritage white oversized shirt zara dark blue military gold jacket mango gold all stars gold fall vintage scarf white brown horses 8534F EN 805x450

The scarf. I’ve found this scarf one of these days on the box where my mum used to keep her scarf’s collection. Even if she’s not with me anymore – life stole her from me, malevolently, in 2014- i’m similar to her in so many...

Must have: EOS Lip Balm

Le Fashionaire Must have: EOS Lip Balm catarine martins blogger fashion eos lip balm military grey white stradivarius jacket 7206 FEATURED EN 805x450

I first heard about EOS on an american beauty blog. Back in time, the review was so good that i really got curious about the ball lipbalm. So, as soon as i could i ordered it online and tried it. I couldn’t have loved it more....

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