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Le Fashionaire is an inspirational outlet where i share my evoling daily style, my beauty secrets and all that keeps inspiring me from places to people. The focus is kept on sharing timeless and worthy content, staying true to myself.
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Why women have to support other women

Le Fashionaire Why women have to support other women fashion inspiration baby blue zara trousers white cashmere mango sweater white zara faux fur coat chloe mini marcie gray leather bag 3838F EN 805x450

Women. Yesterday, i was watching random videos on instastories when i’ve stumbled upon The Every Girl’s instastory. She was filming the Kerry Washington’s speech at Sundace Festival (how can’t we love Kerry, after Olivia Pope?), and Kerry was talking about how important it is...

Mickey Mouse Club

Le Fashionaire Mickey Mouse Club blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration denim jacket mickey minnie donald print mickey swarovski brooch 0500F EN 805x450

Mickey. It’s the most famous mouse in the world. And, for me, it symbolises a happy childhood. When i was a child i had a stuffed Mickey and Minnie that i always carried with me wherever i went to. You see, they made me...

Once upon a time…

Le Fashionaire Once upon a time... portugal palace pena sintra blogger landscape arches yellow sky blue balcony img 7970 en 805x450

Pena Palace. When in Sintra is almost impossible not to feel the magic in the air. Between so many castles and palaces is easy to imagine love promises and stolen kisses of princes and princesses. And it feels so good to be embraced by...

Viva la vida

Le Fashionaire Viva la vida portugal guincho beach inspiration blogger sea asos striped blue torn ripped pants superstar adidas 8069 FEATURED EN 805x450

Being thankful. To life, to people around us, to the universe. Probably being thankful is one of the things we do less in life. So many times we rather be jealous about other people’s lives than being thankful for our own life. And that is...

Blue shades of Ericeira

Le Fashionaire Blue shades of Ericeira portugal ericeira surf blogger hat sun beach yellow heat 5253 EN 805x450

Ericeira is poetry written in blue shades. It kind of looks like a painting, painted by a gifted artist. On the white canvas, the brushstrokes get life upon the amazing village full of details. It looks like a painting, but Ericeira is real. White and...

Wandering around Batalha Monastery

Le Fashionaire Wandering around Batalha Monastery portugal catarine martins monastery batalha blogger look gothic 0182 EN  805x450

Goals. One of the goals i’ve set to 2016 was to visit more monuments. I live in a country full of palaces, churches, castles, monasteries, you name it. In few words: full of history and culture. So, it was kind of a waste not to...

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