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Why you need a nude bag

Le Fashionaire Why you need a nude bag black transparent dots zara shirt gold greek ribbons sandals furla nude twiggy bag black celine sunglasses 6221F EN 805x450

Furla. I bought this Furla bag a few years ago and still it’s one of my favorites. I mean, i have already paired it with almost everything and worn it in business lunches and romantic dinners. So, i can say it was worth the investment. ...

The people who matter to us

Le Fashionaire The people who matter to us fashion inspiration silk birds spring printed accessorize scarf pink old buttons jacket blue white stripes zara shirt 9516F EN 805x450

People. It’s quite funny to realize how depend who are to emotions and to people. Even if we love to spend time alone and be independent, what really moves us are the people and what we feel about them. It makes us vulnerable but it...

I see stars

Le Fashionaire I see stars beach sea oporto blogger earrings gold hm knit sweater stripes blue white gold zara kids shorts white riachuelo versace gold buttons 6256 EN 1 805x450

Hopes, wishes and dreams. One of these days I was at home feeling completely uninspired. You know, inspiration is quite a funny thing. Sometimes you feel amazingly inspired, like everything may inspire you even a cup of tea, and there are days that it seems...

Oporto Haven

Le Fashionaire Oporto Haven pinto leite palace blogger inspiration dreamy place zara black dress trend inspiration dress black zara 1381 FEATURED EN 805x450

Hey you friday! The day starts with the week’s weight. It was a hard week, with so many dead lines and so little time. To be true i feel tired, so i choose my stylish black dress i’ve found in sales, and the sandals...