Le Fashionaire I see stars beach sea oporto blogger earrings gold hm knit sweater stripes blue white gold zara kids shorts white riachuelo versace gold buttons 6256 EN 1
I see stars

Hopes, wishes and dreams. One of these days I was at home feeling completely uninspired. You know, inspiration is quite a...

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Le Fashionaire Fairy Forest pincho waterfall jacket metalic silver bomber top white tank stradivarius skirt sparkling white ballet zara skirt allstars converse metalic gold 6398 FEATURED EN
Fairy Forest

As soon as i’ve seen this ballet skirt, on Zara, i´ve imagined wearing it on the forest playing the fairy role....

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Le Fashionaire Pom Pom porto cpf centro portugues fotografia bag furla nude twiggy sweater zara kids nude colorful pom pom 8776 FEATURED EN
Pom Pom

The child inside each of us. Pom Poms are cute, sweet and way too lovely. Designers stole them from the childhood...

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Le Fashionaire Good Girl drugstore museum perfume good girl carolina herrera stilettos black heels aldo 6113 FEATURED EN
Good Girl

Perfumes. Since I was a child I have always loved perfumes. I remember to admire those from my mom, and to...

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