Le Fashionaire Good Vibes blogger catarine martins carmo church fashion inspiration black blouse velvet dots zara 7430F EN
Good Vibes

Stay positive. When we decided to shoot these pics last week, it started raining cats and dogs. It was a sunny...

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Le Fashionaire Words white belt blazer zara black lace top stradivarius gold nude leather ring calvin klein leather leopard clutch zara 7467 EN

I love words. I love reading them, hearing them and writing them. Words make me feel confortable. They’re like an oasis...

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Le Fashionaire Cloud no. 9 pijama dark blue cloud rain primark cool blogger catarine martins 7869F EN
Cloud no. 9

November, the 1st. Today it’s a national holiday and so the day rises dived in laziness. I woke up late,...

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