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Le Fashionaire is an inspirational outlet where i share my evoling daily style, my beauty secrets and all that keeps inspiring me from places to people. The focus is kept on sharing timeless and worthy content, staying true to myself.
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Le Fashionaire What is love? blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration black white lace intimissimi corset black lace stockings 5192F EN 805x450
What is love?

Love isn’t perfect. I’m afraid i’ll disappoint some of the dreamers out there whom see love as a beautiful pink sea’s...

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Le Fashionaire Greenery blogger catarine martins fashion inspiration white zara trousers black fur leather zara pointy boots mini marcie chloe zara grey bag 4123F EN 805x450

What about green? When i first read about Pantone choosing greenery as the color of 2017, i remembered this Zara...

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Le Fashionaire Lalaland fashion inspiration faux fur pink benetton fluffy winter coat biker zipper trousers black zara wool sweater gold detail 4818F EN 805x450

See you soon, winter. I’m writing you from Sao Paulo and i’m so happy about it. Basicly, i went to see...

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