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Candle light

Le Fashionaire Candle light white mimosa scent diptyque small nuxe casa silver tray candle 5421 EN 805x683

Candles. I can’t tell the exact moment when i felt in love with candles, but i guess it had to do with Diptyque. The amazing french brand has some of the best candles in the world. My favorite scent from Diptyque is Mimosa, but there are a lot of good ones.

Candles aren’t just perfect for romantic dinners, right?

After getting my first one, i started paying so much more attention to candles.  And start kind of collecting them. Today i’m sharing some of my favorites with you. The Nuxe one was part of a coffret, the one from Body Shop was a gift and i just love how good it smells, and the toucans one from Primark i just bought due to the packing but it has a nice vanilla scent that i love.


I don’t know about you, but when i’m at home working on the blog it’s cool to light up one of my favorites. It gets me more motivated and it creates a cozy atmosphere of working. On the other hand i like to light them up to relax as well.

After all, candles aren’t just perfect for romantic dinners, right?

Don’t forget to share your favourite candles on the comments below. 

Le Fashionaire Candle light tropical toucans flowers primark candle 5416 EN 805x537
Le Fashionaire Candle light white mimosa scent diptyque small nuxe casa silver tray candle 5425 EN 805x768
Le Fashionaire Candle light brown body shop candle 5430 EN 805x642
Mimosa Candle: Diptyque
Small Candle: Nuxe
Toucan Candle: Primark
Brown Candle: The Body Shop
Silver Tray: Casa
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  • mykindofjoy

    Sou viciada em velas 🙂 Mesmo!

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