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Le Fashionaire is an inspirational outlet where i share my evoling daily style, my beauty secrets and all that keeps inspiring me from places to people. The focus is kept on sharing timeless and worthy content, staying true to myself.
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Blue shades of Ericeira

Le Fashionaire Blue shades of Ericeira portugal ericeira surf blogger hat sun beach yellow heat 5253 EN

Ericeira is poetry written in blue shades. It kind of looks like a painting, painted by a gifted artist. On the white canvas, the brushstrokes get life upon the amazing village full of details. It looks like a painting, but Ericeira is real. White and...

Oporto Haven

Le Fashionaire Oporto Haven pinto leite palace blogger inspiration dreamy place zara black dress trend inspiration dress black zara 1381 FEATURED EN

Hey you friday! The day starts with the week’s weight. It was a hard week, with so many dead lines and so little time. To be true i feel tired, so i choose my stylish black dress i’ve found in sales, and the sandals...


Le Fashionaire LKodak blogger kodak porto amazing dreaming pale pink dress beach 4441 FEATURED EN

The sun rises slowly in the morning. It’s saturday and i’m lost in my laziness. I don’t want to wake up, but the sun on my window invites me to enjoy the day. I hesitate, divided between the will of staying in and the will...

Tomorrow’s Secret

Le Fashionaire Tomorrows Secret porto bike playsuit romper asos roses blogger dreamy editorial pucci 1036 EN

We tend to take tomorrow for granted. We make plans, write down our goals, make to do lists. But the truth is that tomorrow is a secret. None of us know what is going to happen tomorrow. We don’t even know if we’ll live enough...


Le Fashionaire White white embroidered romper desert beach inspiring blogger hat mango 0383 FEATURED EN

This summer white was one of my go-to colors. White is innocent yet serene and makes me feel confident in a peaceful and uncomplicated way. Some people find it hard to style but i truly think that is a matter of habit. As soon as...

Beach Picnic

Le Fashionaire Beach Picnic beach picnic blogger inspiration zara overall white love lefties 9481 EN

The days may be getting shorter but the temperatures still high, which remember us the happiness of living in “Europe’s California”. So that, we looked for a desert beach due to the will of making a beach picnic. At first the idea sounded like almost impossible, but...

Wave after wave

Le Fashionaire Wave after wave carvoeiro cape sea wave ootd embroidered white dress mango flower crown ootd 1627 FEATURE EN

One of the things i like the most is loose myself by the sea. The waves, and the diferent shades of blue make me feel alive. You know, i love to feel the salty wind flicking my clothes. And my hair. It doesn’t matter if...

Wandering around Batalha Monastery

Le Fashionaire Wandering around Batalha Monastery portugal catarine martins monastery batalha blogger look gothic 0182 EN

Goals. One of the goals i’ve set to 2016 was to visit more monuments. I live in a country full of palaces, churches, castles, monasteries, you name it. In few words: full of history and culture. So, it was kind of a waste not to...

Super Power

Le Fashionaire Super Power blogger gorgeou style prada baroque trendy zara body oporto cool chocker double bucke 2400 EN

Sharing these pics with you guys make my soul complete. They’re quite simple actually, but i really think they reflect my personality quite well. You know, i’ve been trying to be more selective on my life lately. With people, with things, with clothes. And that is...

Travel Diary: Summer Memories

Le Fashionaire Travel Diary: Summer Memories madeira hotel vidamar infinity pool summer time blogger amazing wonderful awesome

Madeira. Summer is slowly walking to its end. Step by step, no rush. As a summer girl i must say that i really hope that it lasts as much as possible. You know, i’m already missing the long days and laying out there by the...