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Le Fashionaire is an inspirational outlet where i share my evoling daily style, my beauty secrets and all that keeps inspiring me from places to people. The focus is kept on sharing timeless and worthy content, staying true to myself.
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Steal the spotlight

Le Fashionaire Steal the spotlight porto botanical garden military jacket black red velvet stradivarius 7258 FEATURED EN 805x450

Military. This militar jacket with dark red velvet details, was hanging on my closet for a long time. I wanted to wear it on a more original way than jeans or a basic skirt. So, as a XXI century woman i looked for inspo...

I put a spell on you

Le Fashionaire I put a spell on you catarine martins blogger lake halloween flower crown black red claires zara lace black dress 6930 FEATURED EN 805x450

When the night falls and all you can see is darkness, everything becomes creepy. I can feel the fear shiver on my skin. It’s almost Halloween and nobody’s safe. Creatures whisper she’s the black widow. She moves on the shadows, hiding from her curse. Maybe...

Must have: EOS Lip Balm

Le Fashionaire Must have: EOS Lip Balm catarine martins blogger fashion eos lip balm military grey white stradivarius jacket 7206 FEATURED EN 805x450

I first heard about EOS on an american beauty blog. Back in time, the review was so good that i really got curious about the ball lipbalm. So, as soon as i could i ordered it online and tried it. I couldn’t have loved it more....

How to wear white on fall

Le Fashionaire How to wear white on fall shirt white zara gold details classic gold earrings catarina militao 6762 FEATURED EN 805x450

White. Usually, when we think about white outfits we think about summer outfits, right? However there is good news: the all white outfits are not exclusive of hot summer days. You know, when leafs start falling, days start getting shorter and everything seems to get dark...

I see stars

Le Fashionaire I see stars beach sea oporto blogger earrings gold hm knit sweater stripes blue white gold zara kids shorts white riachuelo versace gold buttons 6256 EN 1 805x450

Hopes, wishes and dreams. One of these days I was at home feeling completely uninspired. You know, inspiration is quite a funny thing. Sometimes you feel amazingly inspired, like everything may inspire you even a cup of tea, and there are days that it seems...

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